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Alba Optics
doesn’t makes you faster.

Delta Ultra is an experimental vision.
The goal: to take the classic model and modify it where possible catering to outdoor activities and 360° panoramic views. Handmade in northern Italy, the Ultra collection holds a space to explore the boundaries or technology and design. The U-LENS has a unique shape, 10% smaller than the traditional A-LENS and features two rubber logo buttons at the ends. Don’t ask yourself what they are for. They are just beautiful. Paired with the brilliant photochromatic FLM lens with a red tint base tone, the F-LENS FLM lens guarantees excellent visibility and protection in both poor and intense light conditions. When activated in bright light, it graduates from pink to a silver/blue mirrored coating.

The ESPRESSO frame consists of 12% Coffee Silver Skin and 88% TR90, a blended polymer composite with highly mechanical and thermal resistance properties. The particular coffee skins are from the coffee “cherries” of the genus Coffea of ​​the Rubiaceae family, each individual frame being slightly different in colour, a rich brown with red undertones.