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4T2 - weekdays.


we never intended to solely run on weekdays.

sunday is a special day of the week. sometimes it is race day, but when it's not.. it's the perfect day to go long. and slow. sundays was made for that; smooth, soft, easy going. read a little bit more about why we created sundays.

 the definition of 'long'.

going long is obviously very subjective. we don't really care about it. what's more important is that your mindset is hopefully different on sunday. more relaxed, less time-restricted. long can also be more of a discovery. stopping to see, hear, smell. a long one with your buddies, talking and running. a long one on your own, listening to that specific playlist or a 2 hour podcast.

 what is 'slow'.

you may need devices to tell you what slow is for you, but over time you'll find your slow. for some it's still a pace which for others is not 'talkable'. but we all get to that point where we feel what is the right 'slow' for us. whether it serves your training purpose or the goal of getting in the zone that lets you order your worries, solve problems, or to start to see things differently; slow is good for the mind and the body.

 talking distance.

at 4T2 we do love the marathon. or any long distance and that is why we created sundays. we modified our road outsole to make it smoother for slower transitions. the midsole set up is 3+6=9mm drop for less strain on your achilles and calves. both modular components 'joie' and 'rise' are softer to serve your lsd. the upper is light, breathable and supportive around the mid foot. sundays is gender neutral and comes in shades of grey.


PESO: 305gr (42,5 EU)

DROP: 9mm

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